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Bare with me..

Posted on April 14, 2007. Filed under: All Me |

You may see some weird stuff happening on this site real soon, im messing with the DNS and where my website “Points too” however each change takes like 12 hours.  So if you see that my page is “parked free” no its not, so bare with me.

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9 Weird Things About Me

Posted on October 24, 2006. Filed under: All Me |

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Thanks to Schatzi Im going to post this as she did on her site. (imma do more though)

  • I do random things “4″ times, such as sip my bottled water “4″ times in a row.
  • After I shower withing 5 minutes I have to pee
  • I also as Schatzi, talk in my sleep. Have no clue what i say but my guy tells me the next day.
  • TY told me “watching reality Tv” is one Roftlmao. I like the show “Little people, big world” its a show on Little people or aka. midgets.
  • I have a period that lasts for 6 days..smh
  • I shower twice a day. Cleanliness is next to godliness
  • At night, I cant sleep unless I pee and if i even think about peeing before falling asleep then i have to pee really bad.
  • After I shower and lotion-up, I hate to put on jeans right after, I have to walk around for a minute to get dry and etc., they just feel so weird and tight on me. :sigh: its a process lol
  • I constantly touch my significant other…such as always massaging his back or rubbing his head while he lays it in my lap. I cant keep my hands off, im affectionate
  • When im on my treadmill listening to beyonce songs on my ipod, i think im beyonce singing on stage and be dancing and running LOL
  • I have dreams about someone tryna kill me after eating anything with sugar late at night
  • I never been dumped, always been the dumper
  • Has managed to never do Number #2 when my guy’s around and we live together roftlmao, I dont wanna hear it lmao.
  • Im a 25 yr old who plays the sims 2 LOL.
  • I used to beat up boys when I was little lol even tho i was wild skinny.
  • I dont like the smell of hospitals or hospital food.
  • Everyone who reads this is tagged to do a similiar post!

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