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I guess i should post now lol, is it wrong to spend so much time with your significant other? Man, we work together (diff depts), then after work we come home change and go workout together, then come home and cook together lol. I must say I’m nowhere near sick of him. Hmmm… I wonder why the damn hell Larry Birkhead is the baby daddy. I think everyone knew it cause Howard just seemed full of the Shennanigans lol. Neverending drama, but i hope that baby dont be screwed up!

I was talking to my brother and i was telling him how happy I really am. Im a lucky girl to be where i want to be right now. Pleae don’t take gratefulness for bragging cause thats not me. I just remember when I was in a few sucky relationships but I guess you do have to kiss a few frogs to get your prince. :0)

I have been so busy with requests, working, and ty that the weekend spun me. We went to his dad’s house for Easter and it was too funny. I hope everyone has a great day and look forward to updating ya laters.


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5 Responses to “Wednesday..”

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LMAO@ your other blogs. Girls you came up with me evidence!? Lord!

I really don’t think it’s bad to spend so much time with your other half. Thats how me and the ex was. We NEVER got tired of each other. Girl! I was in love. I didn’t see myself not being with him.

At this moment I’m kissing frogs to be back on track in a good relationship. I think I found a good frog. But I don’t know abou thim YET!

I love the them by the way. I knew there was something different here…lol

I like that frog analogy. I never thought of it that way. Cute!

I really didn’t think the baby was going to be Howards or Larry’s. Oh well. LoL

good to hear your happy. Very few people find that in life. True happiness.
You know, I do think there is such a thing as spending too much time with a significant other..i mean, after a while someone will get tired. A little bit of distance sometimes is actual good.

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