Net Drama

Posted on April 3, 2007. Filed under: Blah Blah |

Ok in case you missed it..i decided to post an email reply to someone who i was talking to about dumb ass CE (crazy entertainment, courtney elizabeth WHATEVER) drama. Since i snapped on her i haven’t visited her CE so stay off mine bitch lmao 

Right if im such a liar why was the script taken down? roftlmao…Nah i just called her out on her fakeness..she said shit about me to others not knowing it would get it back to me. Now i soooo could care less who don’t like me or whatever ya know, but she was someone who talked to ME regularly..because she wanted to be friends…and fake ain’t in my blood i can’t sit and talk to someone i dont like and act like everything is all good…so i snapped lmao..and no lie she got mad and went nuts..and now calls me a hater on her blog and how no one heard of my school and im not really getting my masters… like “hater” huh? i let you host me..bu ti left cause it SUCKED!! my bandwith was always out and sites were ALWAYS down.  So i guess she got like thats business boo, nothing personal but i went to and thats why she got mad at me i guess..if ur business suck hey it sucks ..nothing peronal..we can still be cool but your shit sucks lmao…but im hating? and i always purchased one of her scripts..and found out she stole it..but im hating..if im hating on you why would i waste time supportng you? im alllll for women and having their own businesses cause i have a couple..HELL i even recruited her to a place for people who make websites get leads and how does this constitutes me as a hater? And dont get me started on this shit about my school..that set me OFF..and i say “YOU GOT nerve..your trying to get a Master’s degree *suddenly after she heard i was* in Public administration…WTF is that? that aint no real degree”..(all this i put on my blog ) My degree is an MBA..You cant ask Donald trump for a job in Master of Public Administration whatever ! and she got the nerve to talk about my degree and school (benedictine  lmao then after i snapped about it on my OWN blog and call her out for a theif , this bitch deletes my databases…sounds like someone’s tryna get rid of evidence…well now she got investigation unit after her and ICC..on her ass..she left her ip trail..the dumb ass…i just hate fake ass people.. ya know..i mean tell me did i do something wrong? roftlmao..She’s a fuggin nugget thats all, wants everyone to think she’s perfect and sooooo smart…well bitch why you stealing shit and tryna resell it? lmao she didnt know i knew she stole that script til i blasted her ass…So…thats my 1st net beef lmao.  But this is the last time i even mention that fat cross-eyed nugget on my blog. GO HARD OR GO HOME!”


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2 Responses to “Net Drama”

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I feel the same way Meshia. Thea, brush that shit off and keep steppin!

LMAO…thieves never get far. OMG! I thought it’s just me. if their not stealing layouts, they’re stealing scripts. What has the world come to…!?

I like to call anyone out on their “bullshit” tactics.

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