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 COUPLE OF UR SCRIPTS GET HACKED? ROFTLMAO! & Also the thief  took down her “stolen” copy of the digishop script why come nugget..why come? She took it from someone else and tried to add stuff and resell it? where is YOUR license copy.  Do something else whore, lmao im waiting…. And lastly, if your going to sell some scripts make sure they work properly ASS lmao…ur shits is bootlegged..go look at em one will buy that mess (and u wonder why i left your hosting..which was ALWAYS down)and your only proving my point, if your going to sell something alteast be good at it. Flat Ass Courtney Elizabeth Gibbs


  As you may know a fat little girl by the name of Courtney Elizabeth hacked into my databases and deleted them, however now she has investigation unit on her ass and the ICC (its called an IP darlin’). I see why ur dad “let go” cause ur such a disappointment *tsk *tsk *tsk. I didn’t know you stayed in the projects though lmao…Balboa ranch? rent $435 thats um..project-ish and quit lying..ur ugly ass NEVER modeled.  Now back to my site yep ya did it..just wonder what i got up my sleeve for you though.:) but my old its just a blog lmao..& you just proved me right cause now i know that I DID GET TO YOU nugget! Never let em see you sweat ya thief.  I admit i went HARD in my blog about ur fat ass and i prolly did deserve it..i can’t front i went hard as hell on you boo roftlmao but the extremes you went to shows that I GOT TO U and I PISSED YOU OFF!! lmaooo MISSION ACCOMPLISHED & dont worry my MBA is STILL worth more than your Master of PUBIC degree roftlmao and your dad is still gone..go cry now. GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!

 Anyway, i have to add a few things…so the site is not not going to add all that shit i had on my old blog but i will discuss more business & celeb topics more than anything else. Im back bitches! & Hack-proof


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4 Responses to “New Spot”

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i turn my back for one minute and wtf! oh hell nawl! i didn’t even see the last entry but wtf…ive been to ol girls site a couple of times and i liked it…wow…karma is a bitch. hurry and get back up and running!

Girl yes..Karma is a bitch and she is getting her lmao…Well be careful if u buy anything from her cause i got PROOF that she stole someone’s php script and tried to resell it. SMH and u call urself a business woman? girl u shoulda read my old post..i ripped her a new one like a monkey on a cupcake.

Hello-I have visted your sites on several occassions and have really enjoyed it. I have also been to Courtney’s site and enjoyed it as well. Is there any way that you can email me privately with more details on this issue. The only reason that I am asking because I was also get started on working on something with her and if what you are stating is true, then I need to decide if it is best to end ties now versus later. I am not a spammer nor I am I trying to stir the pot, just a honest professional who strives to work with likeminded people.

If you can email soon, I would appreciate it.

**Note I have used my middle name because I am wanting to remain anonmoyous in light of the situation. My email has my complete name. Thanks!

Girl, sorry to see what happened to your site. Its a hot mess, people and the whole internet drama need to find some real business. Anyway, I bet what you are going to have is going to be even better.

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